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Metafosphan Injectable solution

Metafosphan Injectable solution is indicated for protecting and treatment of any phosphorus deficiency and in cases of acute and chronic metabolic diseases and disorders.

Floxon Injectable solution

Floxon injection is indicated for treatment of oxytetracycline sensitive infections especially those associated with fever, inflammation or pain in cattle.

Morprofen Injectable Solution

Morprofen Injection is indicated as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory for Cattle & Horses.

Flukanil 7.5% Injectable solution

Flukanil 7.5% injection is a flukicide for Cattle and sheep.

Oxyclear Injectable Solution

OxyClear Injectable solution is a anti-microbial & mucolytic containing Oxytetracycline HCl & Bromhexine HCl for Cattle.

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Adevet Injectable Solution

Adevet is indicated for treatment and prevention of vitamins deficiencies.

Colitrim Injectable Solution

Colitrim injection is indicated for respiratory, urogenital, alimentary tract infections in cattle, horses, dogs and cats.

Dexaphan Injectable solution

Dexaphan Injectable solution indicated in Inflammatory conditions in cattle, horses, dogs and cats.

Diflam Injectable solution

Diflam injection is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, is indicated for the control of pain and inflammation associated with musculoskeletal disorders.

Doramecswede Injectable solution

Doramecswede is indicated for various worms in cattle and sheep.

Eprinoswede Injectable Solution

Eprinoswede is indicated for treatment of  in Gastrointestinal roundworms & lungworms in cattle.

Fasciocure 34% Injectable solution

Fasciocure 34% is indicated for the treatment of flukes in Cattle and Sheep.
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