Pansulpha Oral Solution


Each 1 ml contains:

  • Sulphaquinoxaline sodium 250 mg (Eq. to 232.9 Sulphaquinoxaline)


Broiler chickens and turkeys:

  • Treatment of Coccidiosis in broiler chickens caused by Eimeria tenella, E. necatrix, E. acervulina, E. maxima, and E. brunette
  • Treatment of Coccidiosis in turkeys caused by Eimeria meleagrimitis and E. adenoeides.
  • Treatment of acute fowl cholera caused by Pasteurella multocida in broiler chickens and turkeys.
  • Treatment of fowl typhoid caused by Salmonella gallinarum in broiler chickens and turkeys.


  • Treatment of Coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zurnii in calves.


Boiler Chickens (Coccidia):

  • 1.7 ml Pansulpha / liter of drinking water give for 2-3 days, skip 3 days then 1 ml Pansulpha / liter of drinking water Give for 2 days more. If bloody droppings appear, repeat treatment at this level for 2 more days.

Turkeys (Coccidia):

  • 1 ml Pansulpha / liter of drinking water, give for 2 days, skip 3 days, give for 2 days, skip 3 days and give 2 more days. Repeat if necessary.

Broiler Chickens – Turkeys (Salmonella and Pasteurella):

  • 1.7 ml Pansulpha / liter of drinking water use for 2-3 days. Move birds to clean ground. If disease recurs, repeat treatment.

Calves (Coccidiosis):

  • 0.6 ml Pansulpha / 25 kg b.wt add to drinking water give for 3-5 days.


  • Not used in layers.
  • Not used in animals with functional rumen.
  • Not used in dairy animals.
  • Sulfonamides hypersensitivity.
  • Severe hepatic impairment.

Side Effects:

  • Haemolytic anaemia.
  • Agranulocytosis.
  • Crystalluria.


  • Avoid prolonged administration.
  • Ensure adequate water intake.
  • Care in renal impairment.


  • 10 days for meat, not to be used in layer


Store at temperature not exceeding 30 C in dry place.

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