Laxavet Plus Powder


Each 1 pack (99 gm) contains:

  • Magnesium Carbonate 87 gm
  • Sodium Carbonate 10 gm
  • Gentiana Herbal 2 gm


  • Laxavet Plus is indicated for rumen indigestion, over feeding, rumen acidosis, tympanitis, constipation and in case of anorexia.
  • It is recommended also as stomachic for all animals and is considered to be non-specific detoxicant.


Large animals:( Cattle – Horses – Camels ):

  • Dissolve one pack Laxavet Plus in one liter of drinking water , given as drench.

Small animals:( Calves – Sheep – Goats ):

  • Dissolve 50 g. of Laxavet Plus in 0.5 liter of drinking water, given as drench.


  • Shouldn’t be used in dehydrated animals & in cases of strychnine poisoning and renal failure.
  • To be used with caution in dogs.


  • 5 days


Store tightly closed, in dry and dark place below 30°C.

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