Product Details

Diacure powder

Composition: Each 15 gm. sachet contains : Neomycin Sulfate 625 mg. Sulphaguanidine 4000 mg. Pectin 400 mg.

Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium 430 mg. Kaolin 4000 mg. Vitamin A 80 000 IU. Bismuth Subnitrate 2000 mg.

Indications : DIACURE is indicated for the treatment of diarrhea and enteritis in calves, sheep, goats, lamb and kids.

Dosage :

Calves, lambs and kids: ½ sachet DIACURE twice daily to be dissolved in 200 ml. water and given orally.
Larger calves as well as severe cases: 2 sachets DIACURE twice daily

Packs: 6 sachet x 15 gm. / Box.