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Floxon Injectable solution

Floxon injection is indicated for treatment of oxytetracycline sensitive infections especially those associated with fever, inflammation or pain in cattle.

New-Diaclean Powder

New-Diaclean Powder is indicated for prevention and treatment of diarrhea and enteritis in Calves, Lambs & Kids.

Newcin plus Powder

Newcin plus is an anti-microbial drug containing Neomycin Sulfate & Oxytetracycline HCl for chickens, Turkeys and Calves.

Oxfenswede Plus Oral suspension

Oxfenswede Plus Oral suspension is anthelmintic drug containing Oxfendazole & Closantel for Sheep.

Oxyclear Injectable Solution

OxyClear Injectable solution is a anti-microbial & mucolytic containing Oxytetracycline HCl & Bromhexine HCl for Cattle.
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