Product Details

Tydovet Powder

Composition: Each 1 gm. contains:Tylosin Tartrate 110 mg. (Equivalent to Tylosin base 100 mg.) Doxycycline HCl 133 mg. ( Equivalent to Doxycycline base 125 mg.)

Indications: Tydovet is indicated for the treatment of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections caused by tylosin and/or doxycycline sensitive microorganisms like E. coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella, Bordetella, Haemophilus, Campylobacter, Streptococcus and Mycoplasma spp., in poultry, calves, lambs and kids.

Dosage and administration:
Broilers : 1 gm Tydovet / 1liter of drinking water for 3-5 days. (100 ppm tylosin base + 125 ppm doxycycline base).

Calves, lambs and kids: 1 gm Tydovet /10 kg. B.wt. for 3-5 days.(10 mg tylosin base + 12.5 mg doxycycline base / 1kg. B.wt).

Withdrawal time:

Broilers : 10 days.
Calves, lambs and kids: 21 days.


  • Ruminants with developed rumen.
  • Laying hens.
  • Not to be used in case of hypersensitivity to tetracycline group or macrolide ,serious impaired liver functions and concurrent administration with bactericidal agents like penicillins.

Drug interaction :

  • The absorption of tetracycline group from GIT is decreased by milk and milk products, anti acids, kaolin, and iron preparations.
  • Macrolide antibiotic probably should not be used with chloramphenicol or the lincosamides since they may compete for the 50 S ribosomal binding site.

Packs: 100, 500 & 1000 gm.