Product Details

Hydrovet Powder

Composition : Each 1 gm. contains:
Vitamin C                              100 mg.
Zinc (Zinc sulphate)             90 mcg.
Sodium chloride (39%)        118 mg.
Sodium citrate (87.75%)     130 mg.
Potassium chloride (36%)    70 mg.

HYDROVET is indicated for the relief of symptoms and health problems associated with heat stress, especially in poultry due to its rehydrating effect.
HYDROVET is indicated during different stress conditions due to bacterial, viral, fungal infections and parasitic infestations as well as during severe weather conditions, starvation and thirst.
HYDROVET is indicated for prevention and control of vitamin C deficiency and immunity improvement in poultry and other animals.

Dosage: 1 gm. / 1 liter of drinking water.

Stored tightly closed, in dry and dark place below 30° C