Product Details

Floricol oral solution

Composition: Each 1 ml. contains:

  • Florfenicol 100 mg.

FLORICOL Oral Solution is primarily bacteriostatic and used for the treatment of different enteric and respiratory diseases affecting various species caused by a wide range of gram positive and gram negative as well as anaerobic bacteria.
Florfenicol is the florinated derivative of Thiamphenicol that has greater activity than Chloramphenicol and it dose not cause aplastic anaemia associated with Chloramphenicol due to the absence of
P-Nitro group (P-NO2).
Recently, it has been reported that Florfenicol showed greater activity than Chloramphenicol especially against Salmonella, E. coli, Pasteurella, Shigella spp, Proteus spp, Enterococci, Clostridia spp and Staphylococcus aureus.

FLORICOL oral solution is indicated as antibacterial.

Also FLORICOL is indicated for the treatment of:

  • Chronic respiratory disease caused by Mycoplasma.
  • Fowl cholera caused by Pasteurella multocida.
  • Salmonellosis caused by Salmonella Pullorum.

2 – 3 ml. FLORICOL / 10 kgs. of B.wt. for 3 – 5 days equivalent to ( 20 – 30 mg. / 1kg. B.wt.) daily for 3 – 5 days.

Side-effects: None.

Withdrawal Period : Meat: 5 days.

Contra-indications :

  • Not to be used for calves.
  • Not to be used for lactating animals.

Packs: 20, 100, 500 ml , 1 & 2 Liter.