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Diclosol Liquid

Composition: Each 1 ml. contains: Diclazuril 10 mg.

Diclazuril is a potent coccidiocidal agent. It is effective against Eimeria tenella, E. necatrix, E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. mitis (mivati) , E. maxima. E. ovina and E. ovinoidalis. It acts against different intracellular stages of the parasite in species
dependent manner such as, later schizont stage of E.acerviolina and
both schizont and gametocyte of E.tenella DICLOSOL liquid reduces the damage and lesion scores of Coccidia and improves the performance and health of infected hosts. Diclazuril is very safe compound, being well tolerated by various species of birds and mammals including horses.

DICLOSOL liquid is indicated for the control of different types of coccidiosis in Poultry, Turkey , Rabbit and lambs.

Dosage and administration:
Add 1 ml DICLOSOL liquid / 4 liters of drinking water (2.5ppm) for 48 hrs.
In severe cases:
Add 1 ml DICLOSOL liquid / 2 liters of drinking water (5ppm) for 48 hrs.
Lambs: 1 ml Diclosol /10 kg. B.wt (1mg diclazuril / kg) to be given orally daily for 3 – 5 days.

Withdrawal period: 3 days.

Contraindications: Laying hens.

Side effect: Excessive use of diclazuril rarely causes severe scouring.

Packs: 500 & 1000 ml.